Skills Needed to Be a Jockey

Most successful jockeys with a long career behind them will tell you that you need to have deep love for horses and should work around racing yards for at least a couple of years to learn about them before starting a career. According to National Hunt Racing, a jockey should not weigh more than 9 stone and 7 lbs and should have excellent riding skills along with experience to become an apprentice in the field. To qualify as a professional jockey, every apprentice jockey has to work for two to three years at a racing yard to gain valuable training and experience and be a part of local amateur jockey clubs.

Importance of strength and agility

According to Jockey’s School at Hong Kong, a jockey should not be more than 133 pounds though there are no restrictions when it comes to height. They need tremendous strength to keep their mounts in check and to guide them towards the final goal. Every part of the body is in motion during the race. Every horse jockey has to be slim and muscular to handle his horse, so a person with a fit and strong body is more successful than tall and well-built body. Depending on the number of races that a jockey takes part in every week, he would have to be prepared for occupational risks like falls and horse kicks.

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Training and developing relationships

To train as a jockey, every apprentice has to spend a considerable amount of time at horse racing farms. There are a few professional jockey training clubs too that provide training to all types of horses. As racing horses are expensive and require a lot of training jockeys and trainers spend time grooming and exercising them to make them capable of running in races. To get a break from an apprentice jockey to a professional jockey you need to establish good relationships with people in the business. Honesty and good work ethics will help you gain confidence of people and then create opportunity to become a professional jockey.

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