3 Casino Games With New Twists

Casinos have been around for decades. In fact, gaming against odds has been a very historical human trait. So, considering that, it becomes clear why most of the games that casinoadvice.io offer are somehow different interpretations of these conventional games. However, with some new tweaks and twists, these old games can be a lot more fun and challenging. Some online casinos have already added these twists in their gaming system. And not surprisingly, these new games were received very warmly by the casino regulars.


Poker is probably the most used online casino feature. There are hundreds of mini varieties of pokers already in existence. That said some new twists like choosing your co-players yourself, creating avatars to be able to play the way you want, live video poker, real-time poker are some new features that online casinos have added to make poker entertaining.

Slot machines

Popular with amateurs, slot machines are relatively safer. New slot machine games like Penny Hoarder allow the users to cash out their winnings in the form of popular web coupons such as Amazon, BestBuy, and Tesco. This makes gaming a lot more appealing to masses that are not comfortable with doing a lot of transactions with casino websites.


Another hugely popular online casino feature involves various kinds of roulette games. It’s true that roulette games set hearts racing and new tweaks like being able to turn the table with a click of the mouse and being able to call the number as late as possible have made roulettes even more enthralling!

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